Friday, June 18, 2010

Amy (Behunin) DeHaan

After high school I went to Weber State to play softball. After a few job changes and changes in my major I finished my associate’s at Weber and transferred to the University of Phoenix where I now work to get my undergraduate in Healthcare Administration. A co-worker of mine set me up on a blind date with her son shortly after starting work at Phoenix. About a year later I got married to my wonderful husband, Mark, in the spring of 2007 and we just had our first baby: a beautiful boy we named Paul last March. I guess blind dates do work out sometimes :) This last November, Mark and I finished our Masters in Business Administration together at the University of Phoenix and were able to participate in the commencement ceremony last May where I was able to sing the National Anthem with my sister.

I now live in Lehi, UT. It’s a nice little town that reminds me very much of Kaysville. They even have a little small town theater on Main Street in American Fork :) I still love to play softball and Mark is teaching me to convert my swing into a golf swing now. I am looking forward to many more adventures now that school is out and we have started our little family.